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Please feel free to explore and discover how we, working together with you, can produce incredible results.



PRECISA, Inc. was launched during the summer of 2004 to serve start-up, small, and medium-sized for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our team strives to build and nurture partnerships assisting others gain and retain access to resources, including the knowledge and skill to efficiently use those resources, in order to empower them toward successfully pursuing their individually unique goals. Our services, solutions, and delivery are specifically designed to be Practical, Reliable, Expandable, Cost-efficient, Innovative, Symbolic, and Affordable. Furthermore, our efforts will demonstrate our commitment to our many guiding principles, including professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness, fairness, respect, loyalty, patience, humility, and modesty.

PRECISE SolutionsSM developed and maintained by PRECISA, Inc. demonstrate several key qualities. First, they support the vision, contribute to the mission, and reflect the values and guiding principles of PRECISA, Inc.. Second, they demonstrate the following PRECISE StandardsSM:

development via practice or action, rather than theory, speculation, or ideals; operates under “real world” conditions;
consistent production of intended results that meet or exceed specifications;
the ability to be PRECISAlySM altered in order to satisfy future evolved needs and opportunities;
the production of desired results without creating stress or requiring additional effort — adds to our business partner’s peace of mind;
creation via extensive study and experimentation;
worthiness of pride as a representative of our business partners as well as ourselves; and,
satisfaction of its intended purpose without wasting time, effort, or expense.


We believe that our global environment is becoming progressively complex: the quantity of information compounding exponentially, existing systems growing more sophisticated, new systems being developed and implemented, interactions becoming more intricate, coordination becoming more involved, and yet time remaining finite. Therefore, we feel that many individuals and organizations are drowning due to the following:

Our reference to “systems” is not limited to technological information management systems; we are referring to any group of independent, but interrelated, elements designed to work together toward a shared objective.



In order to successfully remain afloat, we believe the following must be done:

In addition, we feel individuals and teamwork are vital to any successful system. We believe each individual is a stakeholder and partner, not merely an “element” or “resource”. Therefore, we believe a healthy system is one that acknowledges individuality, solicits feedback from each partner, empowers each partner toward ensuring the system performs optimally, and recognizes the contributions of each person.



The vision of the PRECISA, Inc. team is that each individual and organization will have access to resources, and possess the desire and competence to efficiently utilize those resources, in order to successfully pursue her, his, or their goals.



We value knowledge, challenges, our partners, our family, our friends, and especially opportunities to assist others. Our services, solutions, and delivery will clearly illustrate our commitment to the following standards:

easy to utilize while simultaneously fulfilling its intended purpose
worthy of reliance or trust
able to be adapted or upgraded to meet future needs and opportunities
features justify the cost and offer return on investment
customized or created based upon extensive study
representative of our partners and ourselves; worthy of pride
costs and payment arrangements are acceptable from the perspective of our partners

Our choice of the PRECISA name will serve as a frequent reminder of these standards. Furthermore, we will strive to demonstrate our admiration of, and dedication to promote, our guiding principles.



Our mantra is as follows:

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
George Eliot

Therefore, by combining our vision and values, we’ve developed the following statement to summarize our mission:

We, as part of the PRECISA, Inc. team, build mutually beneficial partnerships based on shared understanding to assist others gain and retain access to resources, including the competence to efficiently use those resources, in order to empower them toward successfully pursuing their goals. Our services, solutions, and delivery will be practical, reliable, expandable, cost-efficient, innovative, symbolic, and affordable. Furthermore, our efforts will demonstrate our commitment to our many guiding principles.SM

The following is our shortened ‘tag line’ version:

PRECISA, Inc.: Building partnerships… providing knowledge… honing competence
opening doors… enhancing systems… achieving goals… and raising the bar.SM



Preservation of Culture

We will safeguard our culture by incorporating our vision, values, and mission into our daily lives as well as using discretion during the growth of our organization. We will only initiate and maintain mutually beneficial employment and partnerships with those who have demonstrated a shared understanding. We will take pride in knowing that we are doing the best we can to maximize our quality, but will remain free of arrogance by focusing upon improvements.

Humble Beginnings With Visions of Success

After PRECISA, Inc. establishes solid knowledge, skill, and client foundations, we will begin to build “all-star special teams” from the top-down. Each team will be a unique subsystem fulfilling a unique purpose within our overall system. Each will be comprised of an established professional, several semi-professionals, and many amateurs. As always, we will strategically select each team member to ensure he or she complements her or his team and will preserve our unique cultures. Each team will continually develop via various mentoring, preceptor, and lifelong learning programs.

We’d hope PRECISA, Inc. never truly matures. Rather, we prefer to imagine that our organization will resemble a spider plant. Our roots (e.g. culture, teams, partnerships, etc.) will form a tight cohesive organization. Due to our dense roots, we will give birth to, and develop, numerous new teams and partnerships. However, our structure will not grow horizontally nor vertically; we will merely develop independent offspring in order to assist us carryout our mission, evolve to ensure we can efficiently serve our partners, and propel us toward our vision.



As a small start-up service provider, our current team simply consists of Lance H. Hegland, our founder. However, as he points out, PRECISA, Inc. is much larger than himself. It is an extensive network of external experts and services, community members, and like-minded organizations. This allows us to provide our clients coordinated access to information, experts, and other resources on a personal, objective, flexible, innovative, timely, and affordable basis.


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